New Forest Runners

About Us

The New Forest Runners Club was formed in September 1981 to encourage and support running for pleasure and as a means keeping fit.
Its vision today is of ‘a fit and healthy community’. To this end, we see the purpose of our Club is to provide a safe and friendly environment for people of all ages and abilities to:

  • Be introduced to the sport of running

  • Experience organised running for health and recreation

  • Be coached & supported in competitive running.

The objectives of the club are

  • To provide a structured programme for new runners

  • To lead regular and safe health and recreational running

  • To provide high quality coaching for competitive running at all distances

  • To organise races and associated events

  • To promote Club participation in championships, leagues and other competitions

  • To engage with the local community in the development of improved running and athletics resources

  • To maintain a financially solvent, well-managed and respected club.

New Forest Runners Hosting CC6 event