Training Routes

Running from Wilverley offers a whole variety of runs with varying distances, terrain and levels of difficulty. Some of the different runs have been given names from some of the long standing members or coaches. They are all off road and there are also many hills close to Wilverley for Interval training also encompassing fartlek training in some of the other nearby Inclosures.

A few of the runs from Wilverley are listed below :
  • The infamous Wilverley Circuit (used for Timed Runs) – Distance 2.2 mile with 3major hills.

  • The “Switch Backs” – Distances 11 or 15 miles, as the name implies about 7 small hills in succession in the Avon Tyrell direction. Usually boggy in parts. Difficulty hard ideal training for the Grizzley, Seven Sisters Marathon, Purbeck Plod etc

  • The “Weirs” – Distance 10k fairly flat boggy in places during the Winter

  • The Mens XC – Distance 6.1 Miles can be a little boggy in Winter undulating.

  • The Womans XC – Distance 4 miles 100 yds undulating

  • The “Memory lane Run” – Distance 8 miles in Brockenhurst direction, generally flat.

  • The NF10 Coures – Distance 8.5 miles, encompasses mainly the NF10 course

There are also 3 measured 5 mile courses used for various races. On training day’s the Captain or appointed coaches will determine which runs are to be taken, these will give members the opportunity to run short, medium or long distances

Running from Fawcetts Field Club House usually entails road runs during the dark Autumn and Winter evenings. There are various routes using street lighting where possible. The Club Captain usually determines these see for example see the Training section. It is highly recommended that you wear a luminous or visible top of some description to be seen at night.

During the light evenings from Fawcetts Field we also have the opportunity to run on the Cliffs in both directions (Mudeford or Milford ). We can even run along the beach when the tide is out.

At Fawcetts Field we also have a 400m grass track and a lit 800m trim trail for Interval Training

Training Run Routes from Fawcetts Field
  • Stem Lane

  • Ashley Crossroads

  • Barton 10k route

  • Caird Avenue

  • Braemar Drive

  • Out & Back through Highcliffe