The New Forest Runners Committee are made up of volenteers from the club and consists of the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary who shall be Officers of the Club and a maximum of eight other members. Committee members are elected at the AGM and remain in office until the conclusion of the AGM of the following year. The Committee shall appoints the officers and other identified roles at the committee meeting immediately following the AGM. The chairman serves a maximum of three consecutive years and must stand down for a minimum of one year before being eligible for re-appointment

The  New Forest Runners Committee

Paul Goode
Michael McCabe
Honorary President
Rachel Charles
Honorary Secretary
Lindsey Froud
Committee Member & Treasurer
David Ragg
Membership Secretary
Stuart Judd
Committee Member
Jenny Hughes
Committee Member
Ian Swain
Committee Member &
Welfare Officer
Kathy Tilbury
Committee Member
Dave Rodway
Committee Member
Carly Cavolick
Committee Member
Paul Pocock, Holley Welton and Lisa Marie Jaques
Social Secretaries
Committee Member, Welfare Officer and Club Kit
Caroline Gibbins
Katrin Pritchard
Badge Scheme Co-ordinator
Jimmy Elenis
Cross Country Captain
Mike Ryan
Mudlarks Co-ordinator
Richard Wooding
Novice Co-ordinator
Kathy Tilbury
Novice Co-Administrator
Lisa Jaques
Novice Co-Administrator